The Objects & Memory

The Orus Mariano Mesonada museum presents Objects of Memory & the Memory of Objects, a project by the artist, Yendris Patterson, made up of piece of art made in different formats, with different paints, objects, drawing installations, video and photography.  Many objects hold memories, and the more personal and everyday these objects are, the more they arouse memory and the more alive memory feels.

In this exhibition, Patterson explores individual and collective memory through a series of objects that become pieces of art, creating multiple readings with a meaningful and powerful anthropological character.

In view of the artworks chosen by the artist for this exhibition, the spectator travels through a memory map open to interpretation, in which Patterson’s life experience is projected, from his island origins, going through the different geographical contexts where he has lived in the last few years, maintaining a coherent evolution where social commitment, community building, religious and political symbols, race and ideologies are always present.

Natalia Cervero.

Curator: Sandra Puisac Nogarol

Patterson, El Escultor de la Memoria from A.Cabrera

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Time,2014.( Nails and Box) 10cm x10cm x10cm

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Time,2014, (Sunflower seeds and box) 10cm x10cm x10cm

WhatsApp, 2014. Metal, Glass and Paper. Different Dimensions.


Objects & Memory, (Inauguration)

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Objects & Memory (Children´s Workshop)

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Objects & Memory.