Denominación de Origen 2013

In the process of requesting a new Cuban passport, I had to fill a double-sided form with the usual fields except for one; in one field I was asked for my "skin colour" and there were only three options available to fill: white, yellow and black.

If you study the Cuban population by pantone, it is probably one of the most varied of colours, a result of racial mixing over generations of which we are very proud of.

Being of such a racial hybrid without a clearly defined race, I tried to define myself in the three possibilities that were offered to me. I concluded that I am white, I am yellow, and I am also black.

Thus arose this piece “Denominación de Origen” (Destination of the Origin), a piece that gives its name to the project expressed in various manifestations.


2 Denominacion de Origen.


Designación of Origin.2013. Digital Printing and Engraving. Manufactured paper.(100cm X 215cm) Edition one, Printer : Virgil Barbará.Barcelona.


Detail Designación of Origin

Detail, Object, white, Black Yellow.

Detail, Object, white, Black and yellow


radiografia jpg-1 copia

Patient,2013 (light box and Radiographic) 35cm x 28cm


DSC_0062 copia

Bastion,2012 (Object, chair, tarlatan and cloth) 90cm x 40cm x 40cm