Paintings (between the object and memory)

(Selection of paintings) 

I ask myself whether these sculptural and pictorial ideas and projects of mine are somehow absurd dialogues that run between my various selves - expressions of language and of the material in their attempts to model everything at their will between the memory and the object…


1 Archipelago.2013 copia

Archipelago.2013 (Coffee and coal on canvas and Objects) 150cm x 300cm


2 support Island.2013 copia

Island Support. 2013, (Coffee,coal and bee´s wax on canvas) 95cm X 117cm


pagoda rebajada

The Rites of Ascension.2013( Mixed on canvas) 160cm x 130cm



Silla, 2016 ( Acrilic on canvas) 160cm x 130cm, Serie: El diario de los  Buendía



Cama, 2016 ( Acrilic on canvas) 160cm x 130cm Serie: El diario de los Buendía




Semilla, 2010 ( Acrylic on paper ) 120cm x 100cm


tregua 2016 franja

Horizon, 2016 (Acrylic on canvas) 40cm x120cm. Serie: Ejercicio de la memoria



De la luz, 2016 (Acrylic on canvas) 97cm x130cm Serie: Ejercicio de la memoria


paisaje 2016

Paisaje, 2016(Acrylic on handmade paper 650mg) 57cm x77cm. Serie: Ejercicio de la memoria