Yendris Patterson (b. 1978, Cuba)


Graduate of the Fine Arts from ISPEJV in Havana, Cuba in 2002, after which he specialized in the restoration and conservation of paintings, including historic murals.

Patterson’s artistic projects explore by use of poetic discourse, the fragility of memory, a theme which fluctuates between his paintings, drawings, graphic art, audio-visuals, and sculptural works. His expressive and gestural painting is also marked by a strong Asian influence, which many times take on a playful essence.

Much of Patterson´s artistic pieces are developed from already existing elements from which the artist intervenes to create new artistic objects and mediums of interpretation. At other times it is history, documentation, materials, or processes that guide the production of his new objects.

The constant evolution of his artistic work has led Patteron to exhibit in multiple personal and group exhibitions in galleries, museums, biennials, and art fairs in different countries. Some of his most important artistic projects include “Mil trabas” (Isla de la Juventud, Cuba 2003), “A Fuego Lento” (Havana, 2006), “Lo Que Se Sabe No Se Pregunta” (Sevilla, 2009), “Memoria Impresa” (Tokyo, 2010), “El Patriota” (Barcelona, 2012 and Berlin 2013), “Denominación de Origen” (Barcelona, 2013), and “Memoria de los Objetos & Objetos de la Memoria” (Orus Art Museum in Zaragoza, 2014), - “City Inconclusa” , Biennal of Habana 2015, Habana City, Cuba .

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